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15. Dec. 2013

Twisted Peyote Spiral Necklace
click the imageand arrive at the tut page


Free Jewelry Tutorial 
" Tubular peyote stitch is really easy to do. You can find basic directions at many of the links listed on my Online Basics post. The first place I ever personally saw the twisted peyote spiral was in Carol Wilcox Well’s The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving, in a bracelet designed by Suzanne Golden. Since then, I’ve seen many variations on this simple idea, including a recent article in Beadwork Magazine (Jun/Jul 2008). If you want a true step-by-step tutorial complete with illustrations, I would recommend one of these two sources."... read more

Category:Jewelry Making: Beadweaving: Necklaces
Author:Cyndi L - BeadingArts

Date Added:November 16, 2009 09:05:03 AM
Latest Link Update:15. Dec. 2013 | Report

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Twisted Peyote Spiral Necklace

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