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15. Dec. 2013

Herringbone Wire Wrapped Ring
click the imageand arrive at the tut page


free Jewelry Making Tutorial
" Create an simple but pretty wire ring with herringbone weave design. Use 18 gauge silver square wire as base. Begin with enough wire to overlap whatever size you want your ring to be. Make ring 2 sizes larger than intended finish size to accommodate for the weave."... read more

Category:Jewelry Making: Wire Work: Rings
Date Added:April 17, 2011 08:27:28 PM
Latest Link Update:15. Dec. 2013 | Report

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Herringbone Wire Wrapped Ring

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tags: tutorials, lampwork, jewelry making, beading, free, how to make, create, glass, metal, pendants, silver, stone, leather, bracelet, handmade, ring, DIY, necklace

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